Youjo senki

If you have seen this anime   then God bless.If not go and watch it at any website ,your eyes will be opened to a whole new world.

Now,this novel/manga/anime that has taken the world by storm (by my standard ,mind you) is one of the best that came up recently.It has garnered loyal fan base upon its publish.

In the story we follow a pragmatic,sociopathic salaried employee .Who strickly followed the rules but never failling to exploit any gaps and dreamed of rising to the status of an elite.

Alas his days are numbered and the very lifestyle he lived by had taken his live .

 But not everything was as it seemed,death wasn’t the end ?After quarreling with a supposed God who revealed its existence and force to reborn to another world so that God could proof its own point to our Mc .

So watch the anime on

Crunchyroll,,etc or just google search.

For those who sought for more in dept story telling or avid readers

Read it Here: